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Youngstown Area's Recreational Cycling Club

Save the date for NEOC - September 15, 2024

Out-Spokin Wheelmen Mission statement: To maintain our status as the largest bicycle club in the Youngstown area by providing our members with the opportunity for physical and social activity through a schedule of rides and events appropriate for riders of various ages and skills and encourage all riders to experience the adventures of cycling and lasting friendships.

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Click the link below for Safe Riding Tips



Tips for Safe Riding

The Out-Spokin Wheelmen offer a wide variety of rides and events. Everyone will find a ride that appeals to them. Different paces and different places. Check out the events schedule below and scroll down the page to find out about other activities/events and more club news.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Click on the event calendar on the top menu bar to view future events.

Rider Information

Ride Pace and distance are included in all ride descriptions.

This information is set by the ride leader. Please check the information

when deciding on a ride. 

Leisurely:     9-11 mph

Low Moderate: 11-13

Mid Moderate: 12-14 

High Moderate 13-15

Brisk:       15-18

Fast:        18+



New t-shirts are available for $25.00. A combo of a hat and shirt is $40.00. The shirts have both SICCO and NEOC dates on them.

For purchase of a shirt/shirt and hat combo, contact Lori Swan or Patti Kubas.

Hats are available in white and black.

T Shirts

Ride Leaders:

To ensure each person gets credit for their club miles, please email the Ride Attendance/Waiver Sheets.  Take a picture of the ride log and email it to

if you cannot take a picture, email the names and total mileage. 
You will have to keep the waiver in case there are future questions.

Click below to access the Ride and Waiver Sheet for printing.

Ride and Waiver Sheet





OFFICIAL OSW shirts are now available to order!                 

Order shirts at an OSW meeting held the third Wednesday

of each month at 6:00 at Davidson’s Restaurant
Email Patti Kubas at

Shirts are $15.00,
$17.00 for 2X, 
$19.00 for 3X. 
Checks- payable to OSW 

Tee shirt sizing chart


OSW Green Team Cleanup Community Project - Started July 24, 2023. New dates for 2024 will be posted as soon as the schedule is set. Clean up is after Fred's Monday ride. Location: the bridge over Meander Reservoir and part of Austintown Warren Road. Thank you to those club members who continue to support the project.

Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries
Upcoming Birthdays
Welcome Members
Welcome Members

The Out-spokin Wheelmen continue to collect for the Second Harvest Food Bank on a monthly basis. Bring your donations to the meetings. Let's help stock the shelves. To date, we have donated over 1,000 pounds of food. Everyone can help make a difference.




OSW Club Jersey Order
 There are two styles of jerseys. The Sprint or (Club Style), a looser fitting jersey with regular sleeve and the Peloton which is a trimmer fit and has raglan sleeves. Both have full length zippers. OSW cycling shorts can also be ordered if we can get an order for five or more.
Email Neil Betts at and he will email you an order form or see Neil at the any Club meeting, and he will have order forms with him. All orders have to be paid for when ordering. Please make checks out to Neil Betts. There may be a small charge for shipping.
Cost of Club Cycling wear is as follows:
Sprint Jerseys $55.00
Peloton Jerseys $65.00
Peloton Shorts $65.00
Questions call Neil Betts 330-240-2271

Click  HERE for pictures and sizing Charts
Click  HERE  for order form

Rides can be added to the schedule in two ways.

1. E-mail or text the information to Ride Captain, Fred Payne to add the ride.
2. Add the ride yourself through "Add a Quick Event" on the Event Calendar page.

Ride Captain

Text: 330-207-3056