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July 2019 website Tip

Published on 8/1/2019
Topic: Looking up a phone number &/or email address of a member

Here is how you can look up any other member yourself and also how to add, limit or block information you want or do not want shared.

After logging in, 
click on the "member only"  heading on the main menu bar to expand the drop down menu. Then click on "member directory" and search by  name in the search bar. 
Note: If on a mobile phone or tablet,  you must sign in under the desktop menu because we do not have the mobile app version.

Note: The only information shared is name, phone number, city and email address.  Your physical address or map will not be displayed for privacy concerns. 

Your own directory information can be changed or updated by using the profile link located in the drop down menu by your name ( where you logged in)